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Pasteurization and sterilization of food ingredients.
The latest in technology leading to the highest level of reliability and against manageable costs.

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A science based, innovative approach to food safety

In a totally natural and chemical free process we will pasteurize and sterilize spices, dehydrated herbs, edible seeds, dehydrated vegetables, cereals, grains and pulses.

A high-quality approach and with no compromises to safety and reliability.

The system allows us to handle small batches in a fully traceable process, whereby no separate drying step is required.

We guarantee a validated 5-log pathogen reduction, compliance with the highest standards in food safety and no risk of cross-contamination.

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Dehydrated herbs
Edible seeds
Dehydrated vegetables
Cereals & Grains


Food Ingredients Service Center Europe (FISCe) is your trusted partner for the pasteurization and sterilization of food ingredients. Strategically located between the major European ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp we offer a fully controlled food safety (FSSC 22000) and organic processing (Skal) environment for a highly effective and homogeneous treatment of (delicate) low-moisture food products.

Our process excludes moisture pick-up, does not require drying after treatment and has a minimal impact on the organoleptic qualities of your product. An automated, integrated CIP system (‘cleaning in place’), with multiple high-impact spray heads for efficient cleaning, provides a high level of safety to avoid cross-contamination of products. The design of the pasteurization unit and its processes guarantee the highest level of food safety and reliability, with no compromises on product quality.


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